czwartek, 28 sierpnia 2014

HiLo skirts recolors by Kafelove: EDITED

Hello once again! :)
Today I preapred for you 12 brand new colors of HiLo skirt mesh which is a creation of CatOfEvilGenius. I absolutelly fell in love with it and decided to extend it's range of colors :D Take a look at them.

I kinda spoiled the dotty one a bit, but taht's the first time when I put any pattern on anything so I hope You will forgive me this tiny mistake ;)

EDIT 29.08.2014 - I got a message that the files aren't working. Everything is fixed and fully working now

The mesh is not included. You may find it HERE

Please rate and comment! :D
PS: I'm sory for the picture quality, but my computer is poo and it won't cooperate...