środa, 29 lipca 2015

Effy Stonem

When I was younger I used to be a huge fan of "Skins UK". I can still remember watching the newest episodes every evening in the web, though the series wasn't on tv in Poland.

Well... Effy Stonem was always the character that intrigued be the most. I can't say that I loved her but she had this weird something. Now I just guess she was supposed to be like this for the viewer. Her aim was to intrigue everyone not only in the plot but also in front of the screens.

Anyway, I decided to create my own version of her. So she might not look exactly like the one from the tv series but I have put a lot of effort to create her the way she is now. And hey, I didn't want to create Kaya Scodelario, right? :P

Finshing, she is packed up with custom content. Unfortunatelly, I created her two months ago and now I can't remember where did all stuff come from. But there's a few things I can credit down here so:

The hair is "Turn it up" by Nightcrawler. It's free and you can download it HERE
The eyeshadow is "Iron Eyeshadow" by Pralinesims. It's free and you can download it HERE
The set of necklaces is "Aurora Necklace" by LeahLilith. It's free and you can download it HERE

So yep... That's all I can remember for now, but I'll search and I'll do an edit for sure then. And if you find something as well then let me know down in the comment box below.

Please rate, comment and subscribe. This is my first TS3 creation ever, so that's very important for me.
Happy simming!