środa, 27 sierpnia 2014

Meet Kafelove

Hey guys!
I accually wasn't planning to upload this sim here, but... This is the first creation that was accepted by MTS staff and apeared in the downloads setion this morning, so uploading it here is a kind of celebration for me :D

"Meet Kafelove" was the first sim I created and decided to place it somewhere in the Internet. And... It's a kind of introduction, because it's a sim version of myself.

The skintone, make-up, facemasks ect. are all included.
For the hair, again go to coolsims.net for it. It's mesh 84 :)
The dress is by Sentate and you can find it HERE

Please rate and comment here, as well as at Mod The Sims :D

If you don't have the Mod The Sims account, write a comment. I'll place a mirror link to mediafire ;)