czwartek, 27 listopada 2014

Hillsdale Plant Store

Yay! I'm back! :D
Today I'm here for you with brand new stuff - Hillsdale Plant Store.
It consists of a small boot, greenhouses with plants and the outside part of the shop with lawnmowers etc. ;)
All the things such as those lovely greenhouses and plants for the plant store are made by Veranka and they were a biiiiiiig inspiration to create this lot :)
The link to Veranka's blog is on the right side, so you can visit it and download this stuff because it's NOT INCLUDED with the file.

Size of the lot: 3x3
Cost: About 20 000 simoleons
For this lot to work you'll need all expansion packs, and the "Mansion&Garden" stuff pack. :)


PS: It's perfect to run it like your own bussines ;)