niedziela, 28 września 2014

New project in! - Hillsdale

Today and idea came to my mind.

It's not like I'm doing nothing but creating new stuff in the game. I'm a constant player as well. But maxis neighbourhoods became very boring for me lately. So I decided to create my own world (for the first time LOL). It'll be called HILLSDALE.
Why am I writing about that instead of something different? Because from now on I'm going to upload buildings from this world made by me and when I finish the whole neighbourhood will be avialible to download :)

Maybe it's kinda silly, but I'm feeling veri excited about it and about other Ideas that came to my mind... But... You'll know about it a bit more later. Anyway, a new tag will appear there on the right side under which you'll be able to find stuff especially connected to Hillsdale.

Happy simming guys! :D